Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Kidding

A while back we were meandering through West Gardiner to where, I don't recall, but we came across this vacancy sign. Was this a couples only resort?

No, we discovered... it was a horse motel (OK... OK... a stable...) with accommodations by the month.

Then this white-bearded guy came out to greet us. His name was Jerry.

"Please," he pleaded (or was that bleated?), "won't you feed my kids?"

So we dropped a few coins in the revamped vending machine. Anything for Jerry's kids.


Carla Wine said...

awww, these signs were cute!

Nina said...

Very clever. My Elvis is jealous!

Renee' said...

Aw, darn! I was thinking it was perhaps for wayward brother-sister sibling teams that can't seem to behave themselves on a given day. Issues? No, I have no issues. ;-)

Very fun blog. Thanks!